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Try 1-5 Go Pak® Boxes with Electrolytes & Alkaline Concentrate - 60 Tubes/Box
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The Go Pak® Alka Pure® concentrate formula is a proprietary blend of key all-natural, chelated electrolyte minerals in highly purified, reverse osmosis filtered water:
• Potassium Carbonate • Sodium Bicarbonate • Magnesium Carbonate Sugar-Free • No Artificial Sweeteners • No coloring/flavors

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 1 Box = 60 Go Pak® Tubes

Each tube contains 10 mL of 5 electrolytes in alkaline concentrate - mix with 16-22 oz water or drink.

Recommended Monthly Quantity:

1 Box - 2 Tubes / Day
2 Boxes - 4 Tubes / Day (Family Use)
3 Boxes - 6 Tubes / Day  (Sports /Family Use)
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Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back. If you use the Go Pak® concentrate and do not experience results, simply return your product for your money back. 

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