The Easy Boost For 

Hydration and Health

Get Go Pak® tubes with key electrolytes in purified alkaline water concentrate! Sugar-free, carb-free, no added colors or flavors.

Proud To Be The Go Pak® Pure Hydration Supplier for Tour de Pink South 
April 21-23
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The SUGAR-FREE Alkaline / Electrolyte POWER BOOST

Get Go Pak® tubes with key electrolytes in purified alkaline water concentrate! Sugar-free, carb-free, no added colors or flavors.

Proud To Be The Go Pak® Pure Hydration Supplier for 
Tour de Pink South April 21-23
What Is Go Pak® Concentrate?

The Go Pak® alkaline concentrate formula is a proprietary blend of all-natural, 

chelated electrolyte minerals in highly purified, reverse osmosis filtered water:

The Go Pak® Benefits
Easy To Use

Twist and squeeze to add 10mL Alkaline with electrolytes that is sugar-free, additive-free and designed for health

Re-Usable Cap

The Go Pak cap can be twisted off and then re-inserted so you can squeeze in a few drops to multiple drinks, or use it all at once

Easy To Carry

Don’t worry about carrying bottles of alkaline water or messy electrolyte powders. Just pull out a Go Pak from your pocket and add it to your bottle or glass!

How Does Go Pak® Work?

A Healthier Choice: Reduces Acidity & Inflammation

Excess acid leads to inflammation, which is now recognized as the main source of modern disease. Most people today don’t consume a diet high in nturient-dense, mineral-rich food. Our “western diet” consists of fast food, artificial ingredients and pre-packaged products are mostly unhealthy choices.

Over time, most who eat this way may have some degree of chronic, low-grade metabolic acidosis, which can lead to degenerative diseases. The high alkaline formula in Go Paks helps reduce acidity and inflammation.

Makes Even the Most Acidic Beverages More Alkaline

The original acid content of beverages (other than water) will determine the pH after adding a Go Pak. For example, coffee can vary widely in acidity and some carbonated sodas can have a pH of 2.5, which is over 10,000 times more acidic than neutral (7.0). Even the most acidic beverages will become more alkaline by adding a Go Pak.

What Are Electrolytes?

Human life cannot exist without electrolytes. They are substances which contain free ions that conduct the electricity needed to perform virtually every function of the body. Here are just a few: 

  Regulating nerve and muscle function 

  Regulating hydration, blood pH, blood pressure and temperature 

  Transmitting nerve impulses and brain activity

Instantly Healthier Drinks On The Go

Take Go Paks along anytime, anywere — to the mall, restaurants, to the office, and when you travel. Go Paks help you stay hydrated and can even reduce jet lag!

How To Use Go Pak® Concentrate With Water And Drinks 
Easier, And A Fraction Of The Cost

The Alka Pure® Go Pak® adds a healthy electrolyte and alkaline boost to any bottle or glass of water.  Plus, it's a fraction of the cost of buying bottled alkaline water, and messy electrolyte powders & tablets. Simply Twist, Squeeze, And that’s it. 

Hassle-free, electrolyte-rich alkaline water.

Coffee, Wine, Juice & Drinks

The Alka Pure® Go Pak® neutralizes acid and adds a healthy alkaline boost to coffee and any drink. Add a tube to 16.9 - 22 fl. oz. (.5 - .75 Litres) of water, or half a tube to any 8 fl. oz. cup of any other beverage. 

Simply twist, squeeze, and that’s it. 

The Go Pak, by Alka Pure.


"I used 2 tubes (1 each in my water bottles) when riding 30+ miles (my first ride of my training season) in my hydration product - the help me in the following ways:

The alkaline / electrolytes helped with heartburn which was caused by the pre-work / hydrate mix I use; my first ride using the Go Pak product - no heartburn / acid reflux.

It was hot in the sun and I noticed I did not feel fatigued or overheated; in fact I barely broke a sweat and was able to ride consistently between 15mph-22mph.

I could feel that my body hydrated on the inside - that may sound odd - but I didn't have a headache (headache), my legs didn't ache and I felt great (that's my experience).   Thank you, Go Pak! "

Michelle Tull - Tour de Pink rider & Go Pak Ambassador

"I have been adding a tube of the Go Pak concentrate to my strong morning coffee for more than a year.  It turns the coffee to an enjoyable delicious warm drink - the acidity just disappears.  I simply can't drink coffee without it.  So I always carry a couple of tubes in my handbag to add to my coffee or coffee drinks at restaurants.  Thank you, Alka Pure."

J. Dohle / Laguna, CA 

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Tom Cosgrove

Vice President,

Red Dragon Karate

" I have been the Go Pak concentrate in water for about 8 months now and am writing to tell you how delighted I am that I have found a product that is true to its claims. As an avid mountain biker, competitive waterskier and karate instructor, I need a product that hydrates as efficiently as possible and I have found it. I have tried most all the different smart waters out there and none of them does what the Go Pak concentrate in Alka Pure water does for me. And with the added health benefits of alkaline.  

I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to new products. I am well aware of what it takes to make the body work, as I have studied the martial arts since 1976 and have been mountain biking for over 20 years. Nutrition and exercise is where it's at. So i took your product out for a little spin, so to speak. I went on a mountain bike ride up Glendora Mountain Road which is about an 8 mile climb. I got a late start about 12 noon and it was about 90 degrees out. I filled my Camelbak full of water combined with the Go Pak concentrate and brought a baggie full of Endurolytes which I usually take on hot sweaty rides to prevent cramping. The total ride is about 16 miles and I was amazed at the end of the ride that I was able to complete it without taking any of the Endurolytes. Hydration is the most important component in this type of exercise and your product works. I have never been able to do this before. The only water I now drink is Alka Pure with the Go Pak concentrate in it. Thank you so much. Oh and by the way don't stop making the GoPaks. They make mixing large amounts of your water very convenient. *

Go Pak® Concentrate
(10 mL Tubes or 500 mL Bottles)
Go Pak Box - 60 Tubes (10 mL each)
Go Pak 500 mL Bottle Concentrate
Go Pak 500 mL Bottle Concentrate

The Go Pak® and Alka Pure® logos feature a deep purple color for a specific reason. On the pH chart, a range of between 9 and 10 is purple, which matches the rich alkalinity of our products. The snowflake icon represents the purity of our water and electrolyte formula and the refreshing experience Alka Pure® provides. The blue color represents pure water.

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